Our labs have been on Urban Wolf for the past 3 years and I can say unequivocally that in the past 30 years none of our labs have done so well:  no food upsets, firm stools, thick, rich coats and plenty of vim.  We have tried many, many other foods and this is the ONE that works like magic.  We thank you. Douglas R., Great Britain     A picture is worth a thousand words! Here is a picture of my 'Badger' at work.  I feed, sell & recommend Urban Wolf. Dr. A. Soltan, DVM,  Ontario, Canada  I wanted to thank you for your wonderful product. Buffie is such a picky eater and this is the first food shehas eaten without hesitating.  Her coat shines and she has more energy than ever before.  The way she acts you would never know she is 16 years old. Bobbie S., Michigan USA    This is one of our imported 3 yr old Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs who's been raised on Urban Wolf. As you can see, he's healthy, vibrant, has a phenominal coat & loads of attitude: there's no place for improvement. It would give me great pleasure to see your dogs as healthy as mine. Urban Wolf is a diet I really believe in & we make to the highest standards. You will love it once you try it! C. Woodliffe, creator Urban Wolf.  'I am so grateful that you are there with this food.  I love my dogs so much and my 1 1/2 yr old is precious to me and his intestinal allergies and sensitivities were pretty severe.  So much so that he cannot eat raw, the meat has to be cooked. Here is a photo of my boys.  Clem, my 1 1/2 yr old on the left and Cooper my 3 yr old on the right!  Thank you!     
Congratulations to Charlie, Urban Wolf of the Month Sept 09!  What does Charlies owner have to say about Urban Wolf: he loves it.. his coat is shinny and he is a happy boy! S.E. London, Ontario

Our Green Mission Statement
How We're Making a Difference Keeping Things Green

The Urban Wolf Leaves a Small Carbon Paw Print
We are a small sensible company, very conscious, very, very aware of the environment.  We are committed to do our very best to leave behind the smallest carbon paw print possible, here's how:

Packaging  Our packaging is made from recycled paper and with recyclable poly liners.  You can recycle all of our packaging so don't throw it in the garbage, please recycle it!  Our labels and brochures are printed with soy based ink.  We do everything we can to be earth friendly.

Raw Materials   We endeavor to use local vegetables and fruits.  When we cannot find locally grown, we look to Ontario, other parts of Canada and finally the USA.  We never use any products that originate in any third world country, Mexico, Asia or Africa. 
Our ingredients are all air dried except for the some sensitive ones that are freeze dried, they are not heat treated and can be considered 'raw'.

Our Products  We blend Urban Wolf in small batches and nothing is out sourced.  It is packaged immediately in air tight bags so it is stable for a very long time at room temperature, no need for refrigeration or freezing.  Even once opened, as long as it's store it in an airtight container in a cool dry, dark place it will last indefinitely at room temperature.  We endeavor to produce products that are stable at room temperature, that do not need freezing, refrigeration or chemical preservatives to keep them viable.  We feel it is very important to maintain convenience and nutritional integrity of our products as well as limiting the processing.  It's with the simplicity and sound production methods that help us deliver to you the best and most nutritious whole food diets for your pet. 

Recycling  This is one way we can all contribute.  Our packaging is completely recyclable so please don't throw it in the landfill, recycle it instead.  At our production facility we recycle everything that comes in.  Even though our township will not accept our woven poly bags, we don't just throw them in landfill.  Instead we save them and once a year we make them available to the surrounding communities that can use them for sandbags when the local rivers flood in the spring.  We are continue to pressure the local township to start collecting these bags for recycling. 

What Kind of Carbon Paw Print Is Your Dog Leaving?

Take the time to consider what kind of Carbon Paw Print your pet is leaving with the food you feed and then let's all work together to keep them as small as possible!  With Urban Wolf we can guarantee you will be making a huge and lasting contribution to the environment.


Commercial Raw Frozen Dog Foods Leave a HUGE Carbon Paw Print!
We feel that frozen foods leave a huge carbon footprint and we do not endorse pre made frozen dog foods.  These products are often made with frozen meat that is thawed, blended and then refrozen.  The frozen food must be stored in a freezer until it's transported via freezer truck to a freezer warehouse or directly to a retailer.  The retailer must keep the frozen food in a freezer until the customer buys it and takes it home.  The customer now must store their pre made frozen dog food in a freezer until they use it.  From a carbon foot print point of view, this product is leaving a huge mark on the environment because it has to be kept in extreme temperatures in it's frozen state.  How do we compare? 

Commercial Kibble Production Leaves A HUGE Carbon Paw Print!
This is a nasty industry.  Not just because of the heavy energy production costs that go into making the 'kibble', but it also uses thousands of tons of toxins and chemicals during the process.  Their raw materials are all human food waste garbage and these companies will accept them from any third world country, Mexico, China, Asia or Africa where they have no standards (this atrocity was played out with the massive and disastrous pet food poisoning when the conglomerate kibble companies purchased bulk raw materials laced with melamine, these raw materials made it past all their quality control checks and into the food, to the stores and even more shocking to the vet clinics that sold the food, and into the stomachs of our pets, killing and disabling many of them).  What makes kibble even more insidious is the fact that what you are getting is actually so nutrient depleted that it takes 4+ times the amount of kibble to feed as dog as it does when you make real food such as Urban Wolf.  You, the consumer is getting duped by slick marketing campaigns (ie a recent popular kibble boasts 70% real meat in it's kibble, a search of their website reveals no mention of what kind of 'meat' they are referring to.  their marketing just tells proudly boasts it's 70% meat.  A deep search of the company's profile finally leads to the ingredients listed on another website.  What is the 'meat'?  It's actually 'meat meal'.  I am sorry, meat meal is meat meal no matter what you try to call it and all meat meal is 100% pure waste garbage, unfit for a dog to eat.  This is deceptive marketing and it's not fair to the consumer.  Back to the carbon paw print kibble mfg's are leaving.  when a dog eats kibble it's not able to digest or metabolize much of what it's being fed (15% of the meat meal is actually bioavailble to the dog vs 75% of real meat - these numbers are from the pet food industry research widely known within the industry).  You, the consumer has to feed more than 4x's as much kibble as compared to a real food diet like URban Wolf.  These companies are contributing twice to the problem, they force you to purchase so much more food to satiate your pet and sadly your dogs will never reach the conditioning or health that it will with a real food diet.  No matter how much of the premium kibble you feed, your dog cannot eat enough to equal the 75% usable protein that is in Urban Wolf.  Your dog will only get fat on kibble, an Urban Wolf will get healthy, grow muscle and strong connective tissue. Is it worth it? Not only are you paying a high dollar & health premium for 'premium' kibble, your kibble fed dog dog is also leaving a HUGE carbon paw print behind!

How Does Urban Wolf Compare To These Two Environmental Disasters That Leave Huge Dinosaur Tracks On The Environment?

Minimal, Minimal, Minimal, to almost nonexistent as compared to commercial raw frozen dog food and kibble production companies.    Our raw materials are air dried, ground, blended and packaged.  They are stable at room temperature and are shipped and stored at room temperature until the consumer takes it home.  At home our mixes are stored at room temperature.

When you prepare Urban Wolf you are using simply re hydrating the dried vegetables and fruits in the mix in cold water, no cooking or heating is necessary and you blend with fresh meat.  There is no need for further processing.  It's simple fast and as a result you have just reduced your pet's carbon paw print.  When it comes to feeding, this food is extremely nutritious and powerful.  You don't need to feed much at all to get optimal results. 

What Else Can Our Customers Do To Help?
You can do your part by buying local fresh meat and only freezing the prepared Urban Wolf for future use.  Every little bit helps in reducing your pet's carbon paw print!

Not only is Urban Wolf your ecological choice, it's also more economical than prepared frozen foods:
Urban Wolf costs $2.00/lb when you prepare it yourself vs Frozen Raw Food costs $5.00+/lb!

You can also recycle our packaging! Every little bit makes a difference to our future.

With Urban Wolf You've Made The Sensible Choice!
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